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Dr. Krishma Guliani is a well sought after speaker in her efforts to educate the community to not only get out of pain but achieve a better, healthier, quality of life. Under Federal Injuries Centers of Florida, Dr. Krishma Guliani provides her expertise to injured federal employees, postal service workers, FBI employees, Veterans Administration, and various branches of the military.

Our team of healthcare providers and front office staff are well versed in OWCP claims and offer free claims assistance to help injured federal employees receive the federal workers' compensation benefits afforded to them by the Federal Employees Compensation Act (FECA).

We’ll be with you from the beginning to the end of the process when it comes to federal workers' compensation, and our team understands that complex paperwork, as well as giving you lasting results. We get to the root of the problem rather than glossing over it with heavy medication because we don’t want to see you re-injure yourself. When you require assistance for federal workers' compensation, our team is here to guide you and keep you healthy for the long run.

The DOL doctors that will be providing you with treatment abide by a strong code of ethics and has an in-depth understanding of the complicated paperwork that needs to be dealt with. Houston DOL doctors are experienced in clearly connecting the injury with the event at work so that you can get the best results. When forms aren’t correct, or the medical information isn’t clear, it can set your claim back or cause you to lose out on compensation that you deserve. Our DOL doctors will give you the confidence that everything is taken care of so that you can spend time recovering instead of worrying.

Call today to schedule your free consultation and meet with your DOL-OWCP case managers for expert claims assistance.